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Recruitment Pathways Program.

This program is the foundation course to becoming a recruiter.

Course content

Course Outline

This is the online component of the Recruitment Pathways Program. Please contact Adele if you do not have access to this part of the course


What you'll learn

  • The fundamentals of recruitment

  • Finding and searching for candidates

  • Writing Job Ads and advertising

  • Managing clients and attracting new business

  • Terms of Business and contracts

  • Legislation and compliance frameworks


You will need access to the internet and a reliable computer or laptop

Excellent command of english, written and spoken

Ability to make yourself available for training times

A willingness to become a recruitment consultant

Drive, ambition and determination

This course includes:
  • Full Access to all modules

  • Downloadable resources & links

  • Access on any device

  • Certificate of completion

  • In person online & Video training